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Developed for the Game Development Project course at CSU Fullerton, Spring 2016


In olden times, monsters and demons roamed the land freely, terrorizing humanity and doing as they pleased. Humanity did not stand for this, and so seven powerful magicians set up a trap. With magical treasure, the monsters of the realm were lured into a castle atop a high mountain. They were then locked inside with a magical barrier seal, never to emerge to wreak havoc again.

Over the years, a town formed at the base of the mountain. Eventually, they established a law: those found guilty for heinous crimes would be taken to the castle and thrown inside. If they were to escape from the nest of vicious monsters alive, they would be fully pardoned of their crimes and released. To date, however, none have emerged once entered.

Living in the town was a thief named Conner. He was quite an accomplished thief, with a criminal record as long as his arm, if you wrote really small. However, he was not invincibile, and one day, he was eventually cornered and captured. For his aforementioned record, he was sentenced to imprisonment in the castle of curses...


  • Added gamepad functionality. Tested using Xbox controller.
    • Added control option to options menu, allowing for the original keyboard scheme and two gamepad schemes (one using the D-pad for movement and the other the left analog stick).
    • If a gamepad control scheme is being used and the gamepad is removed, the game will automatically switch to keyboard scheme.
  • Recoil from taking damage now stops horizontal movement to avoid going off the sides of the screen.
  • Can now quit the game by pressing the Escape key (keyboard) or Select button (gamepads), then pressing it again when the prompt appears.
  • Added healing bunkers to the Hooded Order's camp and Prankster's Domain. Pay gems to heal (15 gems per point of health) or refill subitem ammo (30 gems per point of ammo).

Music by NoSoapRadio.us
Sound effects from FreeSound.org


CastleOfCurses-FirstSteps- 11 MB

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